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about us

Our house of brands merge excellencee in quality with sustainable production. The vast experience of the founders Simonetta Traversi and Anita Godell in designing, producing and providing Scandinavia whit stylish lifestyle clothing is reflected in the finest selection of brands.



In 1992 Delfina Marsaglia, the editor at Vogue US, created a little collection of swimsuits. All of a sudden the collection was available in the top department stores in the US. Since then the collection has been enriched with dresses, coverups and accessories and has now worldwide distribution.



Timeless bags with a durable, individual story. Each sack is made up of 100% linen and other natural fibers, which were originally used as grain sacks. These sacks were produced between 50 and 100 years ago on European farms to collect and take the grain to the mill and then to the market.



Scaglion is the epitome of a traditional Italian family business: small, creative, autentic and rrooted in impeccable cratmanship for contemporary, practical and innovative knitwear.


mia bag

Personalized and monogrammed bags suitable for all occasions.



The ultimate jersey easywear for any occasion. Aphru gives you the weekend getaway-feeling through connoisseur jersey essentials, anytime, any day.


white sand

Born from tradition and evolved through design, White Sand is a contemporary brand that uniquely combine neoclassicism with innovation.



Italian womenswear famous for its beautiful cashmere pieces. Anneclaire embraces the modern lifestyle of effortless clothing with superb quality and understated pieces.



Berwich trousers are inspired by the exploration of the world. Berwich is pure Made in Italy, using excellent fabric and the finest tailoring skills.



Impeccable knitwear where style means natural fabrics, exquisite quality and comfort. The Veneto based design-studio and production has ethical and sustainable production at its core.



Vegan and eco-friendly sneakers made with innovative materials such as apple skin. Crafted in Italy, Womsh work to minimize the carbon footprint, to preserve forest and plant trees.



When Panchic create footwear they think of the world. If what they create improves it, they call it panchic.


driving shoe

The cars shoe brand has became known for its signature moccasin with rubber pebbles. Instantly these shoes were a huge success. From that point on, driving shoe have become fashionable items available to everyone, driving a car or not.


greek salad

Greek woman leather sandals handmade locally by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques that have existed for centuries.



This renowned Italian shoe brand has created their unique boots since 1965, using traditional techniques and the finest natural materials. The brand is known for its quality, comfort and durability. These are the shoes with Soul.



Supreme weather-wear with dedication to every detail. G-lab incorporate multi tasking styles and the newest high-tech materials with the highest quality, functionality and comfort.



Teatro was born from three women's passion of giving life to the senses. Teatro is a limited line of the finest oils and candles, all crafted using the same methods as the old Florentine perfumers.



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